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To maintain your car in original and neat look, following few of the factors is necessary. Small scratches, stone marks, marks of acid rain, bugs shit, bird marks etc. are some of the defects which actually damage only the top most layer but not the complete paint lining. So rubbing is being done in order to make clean stains on the top most layer of your car paint. It is a process which gives your car a smooth and neat look by removal of stains and marks on the car’s paint surface.

At Autosallon, we are capable of doing car rubbing work done at your premises, with trained workers, good machineries and quality material.

Polishing and rubbing both are useful terms, but people mistaken by getting their car polished even without rubbing, where desired results are never achieved. Let us first understand what does polishing do? Polishing is done basically to smoothen the surface of paint and to give a glossy shine to painted surface of cars. But when it is done without rubbing the paint surface, desired results (scratch less surface) can not be seen. So, a wise suggestion is to get your car polished where always go for a rubbing session of your car before polishing for better results.

Polishing your vehicle gives it a mirror shine look to enhance its beauty and make it like new and shiny as before. We provide car polishing at your door step at really affordable and competitive prices.

Apart from rubbing and polishing, we also deal in doorstep car dry cleaning, which is an important part of interior detailing for complete cleaning of your vehicle. Our team is treated as one of the best car dry cleaners in Delhi with a great expertise in our domain and use of latest technologies.

Dry cleaning is an important concept to clean the interior of car, by thoroughly going through each nook and corner so that all kind of dirt and dust will be removed from it. Seat covers, back covers, dashboard, carpets, roof lining, and vacuum cleaning using approved cleaning products.

Here, a microfiber cloth is used to clean the surface to keep it hygienic. Dashboard and plastics are even polished to give it a new and shining look. The main focus here is keeping the car interiors fresh and germ free, and also to remove any kind of bad odour if persists.

A clean car is obviously much more lovable for the owners in terms of looks and performance, as no one wants to ride a dirty smelly vehicle. Another benefit of regular dry cleaning apart from sanitary environment is to increase the life of interiors which proves cost effective in the long run.

Dry cleaning is any cleaning process for clothing and textiles using a chemical solvent other than water. It is used to clean delicate fabrics that cannot withstand the rough and tumble of a washing machine and clothes dryer; it can also eliminate labor-intensive hand washing.